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Modern and sleek, the Carousel Media System fits easily into any event center or lobby. Made with high grade non-scratch plastic, not only is the unit sleek but tough.

The top of the media system can be customized to not only fit brochures and magazines but also as a stand for product placement. The well, is 15 inches deep and can be fitted with a platform that can support product stands.

With 4 HD LCD screens, power consumption is minimal while longevity and durability is similar to a modern day tablet.

With security an issue, each box features a secure link underneath allowing for a cable lock. Furthermore, each unit can be programmed “off” from an administrator.

Each unit can be programmed independently and content can be delivered through an offsite user interface. With a 4 gig hard drive, the ability to store and run media affords each unit to be less dependent on wireless connections. This is particularly attractive with bandwidth troubled trade shows and offices.

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