Carousel Media System Details

• First to market digital advertising display carousel
• 7 patents pending in technology and design
• 4 million lines of code
• Upload video and static content remotely


• Height: 12.5”
• Weight: 11.1 lbs
• Footprint: 13″x14”
• High grade scratch resistant plastic shell
• 5 removable brochure holder panels
• Platform for product placement items


• 4 gig hard drive for static image storage
• (4) 5” x 10” HD screens featuring 720P resolution
• Internal USB for manual loading of images and video


• All 4 screens play same image simultaneously
• Units can handle multiple images
• Data is downloaded via wireless connection into the unit hard drive
• Content Management is managed through an offsite user interface
• Content can also be loaded on each unit manually via a UBS Drive
• Analytics feature unit up-time and amount of ads displayed

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